Below are reviews by some of the readers of Goju Ryu Karate-Do: Fundamentals for Traditional Practitioners, Vol. 1, by Motoo Yamakura:

"It was a very good book. It explains in full detail the history of Goju-ryu karate. It also has step by step instructions for katas with black and white pictures. Almost every page has a picture. This book also has a glossary with the Japanese terms translated from Japanese to English and English to Japanese with the phoenetic pronunciation. Motoo Yamakura is a very good martial arts writer." - Taylor Munson, NJ

"This is the most informative series on Goju Ryu in print. Absolutely a must for all goju-ryu karate-ka."
- Shawn M. Kidwell, OH

"Excellent book with lots of pictures and philosophy of karate. The spiritual side of karate is explored as well."
- Sam P. Mom, NH

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