We would like to thank everyone who made the trip to Toledo for our Spring Seminar with Yamakura Shihan and annual organization meeting. For those of you who were not able to attend you were sorely missed.
Our weekend activities began Friday evening with an informal workout at Sensei Myers' house. We would like to thank Sensei Myers and his wife Cyndi for their hospitality. The "informal" workout turned into a fantastic teaching and learning session that was enjoyed by all.
Saturday Yamakura Shihan conducted a series of seminars that was, as always is, amazing. Each session, from the kyu rank seminar to the dan rank group, was full of the insight that can only come from someone who has a superior wealth of knowledge of our art. For those of you who have had the opportunity to attend one of Shihan's seminars you know how great an experience that can be. If you have not not had such opportunity, make the time to do so.  We are extremely fortunate to have Yamakura Shihan as the Chairman of the GKK. Thank you Shihan! 
The weekend's activities concluded with dinner and our organization meeting at The Ocean Garden Restaurant and Buffet. Sensei Myers began the meeting portion by giving the state of the GKK which included highlights from our international and national clubs and looks back to yearly trends. Sensei Stamper gave the treasurer's report which included comparison's from previous years. Following these reports the winners of the Chairman's Award were announced. 
For those of you who were not able to attend you missed a fantastic weekend full of fun, knowledge and incredible teaching. Mark your calendars for next year to make 2019's Spring Seminar and Organization Meeting the best yet!
The GKK is not one person or group. We are a family. As Mrs. Muth from our Ambler club put it, "(The GKK) belongs to us all".
Thank you.
Dwight S.